...how much more will your Father who is in heaven give good things to those who ask him! Jesus

Praying For Apostles

Nine Strategic Prayer Areas

As an expression of our desire to be a church committed to personal and corporate prayer, we encourage you to pray for the following items that the Spirit has impressed upon our leadership.

  • Ask God to richly bless our Church with an experience of His presence and power transforming us and empowering us to love and to serve in extraordinary ways.
  • Pray for those living in our city who do not know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ask God to lead people to a place of considering Christ and entrusting their lives to Him. Pray that they might be brought into the fellowship and ministry of His church.
  • Ask God to make our church a benevolent and beneficial presence, positively contributing to the well-being of the people in New York.
  • Ask God to give our people boldness and depth in our commitments to personal and communal prayers.
  • Ask God to raise up and develop new leaders (especially elders and deacons) and volunteers who would leverage their lives for God's purposes for our church and our city.
  • Pray for God to move in the hearts of our men to take spiritual initiative in their homes, in our church, and in our city.
  • Pray for God's deepening influence in the lives of our people through our Community Groups. Pray that these groups might be a catalyst for spiritual formation and a blessing to our city as they serve. Ask God to encourage and equip new and existing group leaders, as current groups grow stronger and new groups get started.
  • Pray for God to cultivate a spirit of radical generosity among our people, as they give of their time, energy, talents, gifts, and offerings to the work of the ministry. Ask God to provide the resources our church needs to minister efficiently and effectively in our city.
  • Pray for stability for our meeting venues in the city. Ask God to provide consistent, meaningful spaces we can use for our worship gatherings and other ministries.